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If you’re a handmade small business owner, chances are you LOVE creating and sharing your products with customers…but at the same time, you might be starting to feel split-second moments of self-doubt, not knowing what to do next to get consistent sales each and every month.

What if the only thing getting in the way of making a living off of your small business and having the freedom to do what you LOVE and WANT to do... is you?

Inside the Product Biz Podcast, you’ll learn how to better run your business and increase your sales in ways you may not have even been aware of, so that your business can truly become what you KNEW it could be back when you first started.

Listen in as Monica Little, self-taught multiple 6-figure organic skincare small business owner, shows you how to let go of perfection, overcome the fear of failure that is holding you back, and finally start taking action and start feeling like you've cracked the code on how to run a successful small business. 

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EP 14: How to get out of a sales slump Aug 24, 2022

When I first left my full-time job to focus on my small business with 100% of my time, I went through the biggest sales slump I have ever experienced. Most small business owners, like myself at...

EP 13: Why you shouldn't be paying for Ads on Etsy Aug 11, 2022

Most small business owners think that paying a few dollars on Etsy ads per day will help them get MORE sales on Etsy...

Maybe you’ve been going back and forth with your keywords, titles and...

EP 12: 3 things holding back your success on Etsy Aug 04, 2022

If you think that your success on Etsy isn't possible or likely because it's too saturated, because everyone is selling their items for SO much cheaper than you, or because you just can't get the...

EP 11: Making money fast or making a machine for consistent sales - which is better for your business? Jun 21, 2022

Did you know that 30% of small businesses don't make it past their second year? In my second year of Plant Based Beauty, I almost became a figure in that statistic when I was started to ask myself...

EP 10: Why the number of followers on Instagram DOESN'T matter Jun 17, 2022

Most business owners make the mistake of focusing on the number of followers and think "if ONLY I could grow my audience and get in front of more people, then I could get more sales”.


EP 09: The real reason why discounts and coupons DON'T work with your audience - and how to fix it Jun 17, 2022

Most business owners make the mistake of thinking that if they lower their prices, then more people will buy their products. They think that maybe their products MUST be overpriced because they...

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The latest reviews from our loyal listeners:


Clear & effective communication!

Great podcast from Monica Little! She talks about the power of integrity, changing your mind-set to get stuff done and being accountable (both personally & professionally). The podcast is geared towards small business owners, but really so much of what Monica explains can be applied to various parts of anyone's life. She articulates so accurately many of the thoughts I have about the challenges of being a small business owner. It's reassuring & comforting to hear Monica break it all down in a comprehensive way in order to overcome the struggles. My favorite take-aways were how she explained that believing in yourself = FREEDOM and "how you do one thing is how you do everything".

- Anneliese on June 1, 2022 via Apple Podcasts


Very inspirational!! Highly recommend

Listing to Monica’s podcasts have been crucial to helping my business grow. Saving me from endless circles of the creative mind, great tips and tricks to make things more efficient. If you own your own product business, I highly recommend joining her program as well as listening to all her podcasts!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻Way to go Monica !! ❤️

- Betda on June 2, 2022 via Apple Podcasts


I’m Learning So Much!

I love listening to Monica’s podcast as a handmade small business owner! She offers so many tangible tips within her episodes that have helped me to believe in and grow my small business. Episode 2 was very helpful as she discusses the power of integrity and using a habit tracker. I loved this concept and will begin to use one. I can relate to so many of the stories she tells about running her own handmade business. Thank you Monica for all of these episodes! I cannot wait to listen to more.

- Kelley on June 2, 2022 via Apple Podcasts