I'm Monica Little

I left my corporate job to pursue my own dreams and ended up building a multiple 6-figure organic skincare small business.

I knew I had to share with others what I learned along the way... That's why I created Etsy Algorithm Secrets and Product Biz Academy to show YOU how to create the same type of results with your own small business.

Inside my courses and communities, I teach product business owners how to build, market and grow their business so you can get your products in the hands of more people, make a bigger impact in the world, and finally build the dream business - and dream life - that you've always wanted. 

I'm the host of The Product Biz Podcast where I share stories of growing my own business to help you let go of perfection and overcome the fear of failure that might be holding you back, so you can confidently make BIGGER, BOLDER moves with your small biz.

Plus, I'm the creator of the Grounded, Grateful & Growing journal; a 2-month planner & mindset journal for small business owners who want it ALL and want to become the best version of YOU that's needed to make your dreams a reality.

I can't wait to get to know you more and support you along the way!

xo, Monica 

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Learn how to let go of perfection and overcome the fear of failure that might be holding you back so you can confidently make BIGGER, BOLDER moves with your small biz!

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Discover the 3 untold Etsy secrets to getting in front of the RIGHT customers who are a HELL YES for YOUR unique products... in less than 45 minutes!

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Listen to The Product Biz Podcast

If you’re a handmade small business owner, chances are you LOVE creating and sharing your products with your customers… but at the same time, you might be starting to feel split-second moments of self-doubt, not knowing what to do next to get consistent sales each and every month.

What if the only thing getting in the way of making a living off of your small business and having the freedom to do what you LOVE and WANT to do... is you?

Inside the Product Biz Podcast, you’ll learn how to better run your business AND increase your sales in ways you may not have been aware of, so that your business can truly become what you KNEW it could be back when you first started.

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Here's why small business owners like you can't stop raving about The Product Biz Podcast

Listing to Monica’s podcasts have been crucial to helping my business grow. Saving me from endless circles of the creative mind, great tips and tricks to make things more efficient.

- Daisy

I love listening to Monica’s podcast as a handmade small business owner! She offers so many tangible tips within her episodes that have helped me to believe in and grow my small business.

- Kelley

She articulates so accurately many of the thoughts I have about the challenges of being a small business owner. It's reassuring & comforting to hear Monica break it all down in a comprehensive way in order to overcome the struggles. 

- Anneliese

Watch my FREE Etsy training

If you want to get in front of as many customers as possible... you HAVE to sell on Etsy. You have to learn how to get your unique products in front of the right people on Etsy who are a HELL FRICKEN YES for what you sell!

You have to learn how to STAND OUT on Etsy and make your mark to grow your business in the BEST online platform for small business owners... even IF you have your own website.

That's because Etsy is the fastest and easiest way for small business owners like you to get in front of as MANY people as possible in the growing online shopping world.

Which is EXACTLY why I created an epic training that will show YOU the 3 untold secrets to get YOUR products seen on Etsy!

I'm ready to watch the free training now!

Here's what other small business owners are saying about Etsy Algorithm Secrets

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In order to grow your business, you have to treat it like a real business. And when you become dedicated to building a real business, then the consistent sales, stability and freedom will follow.

But how do you expect to build a real business, if ‚Äúbusiness‚ÄĚ isn‚Äôt your zone of genius?

Well, if you're not quite sure how, you're in luck...

Inside Product Biz Academy, you learn HOW to build your business, market your business and GROW your business so you get consistent sales that create stability and freedom to do what you love and want to do...

without wondering if you are working on the right things in your business again ever again.

Enroll in Product Biz Academy through THIS Thursday, May 23,2024!

Here's what other small business owners are saying about Product Biz Academy

I can definitely with out a shadow of a doubt say this was the greatest investment in my business I could have ever made.

- Rachel from All Things Coops Beauty

I've said it before and I'll say it again... the Product Biz Academy Coaching program provides so much valuable information & insight, explained in easy to understand terms.

- Anneliese from Anneliese's Cookies

I'm running my business like a true business, not a hobby... Setting a goal to increase my passive income and working on my business vs instead of working for my business.

- Daisy from Little Buddha By Daisy

Stop by & say hello on Instagram! @monicalittlecoaching

Stop by & say hello on Instagram!



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