EP 53: How to cycle sync your business for MORE progress and LESS burnout with Renae Fieck

May 25, 2023
How to cycle sync your business for MORE progress and LESS burnout with Renae Fieck

Many female biz owners are operating on a 24 hour schedule, trying to get as many things possible done each and every day… when our bodies are designed to operate in a 28 day cycle instead.

The truth is, women have a biological advantage when they ditch the standard 9-5 way of working and lean into a 28 day rhythm instead.

And when you learn how to use your 28 day cycle to your advantage, you learn exactly when you should be recharging, when you should be accelerating your business forward, when you should be connecting with others, and when you should be reflecting and making room for new... so you make even more progress with less burnout and less hours worked.

Each one of these 4 phases during your 28 day cycle are a superpower once you learn how to tap into them… and Renae is going to share exactly how to do that with you today.

As a Cycle Business coach, Renae has had the honor of empowering hundreds of women to redefine the way they work. In 2016, as a new mom to 3 and a husband with a brain tumor, realizing we are never guaranteed tomorrow, she was determined to create a life she loved and jumped 2 feet into a side hustle with the hopes of creating financial and time freedom. In 2019…she was completely burnt out and wondered if it was in fact possible to raise a family and build a business at the same time. Fast forward to 2021, when using her body’s natural rhythms allowed her to 5x her revenue, work fewer hours, and feel so much more balanced along the way... All because she discovered the power of your menstrual cycle. Renae is now the go-to expert and sought out speaker when it comes to creating a cycle-based feminine approach to building your business. She's the host of The Cycle Advantage podcast and the founder of Your Cycle Advantage, her signature program empowering women to integrate their bodies within their business for higher levels of success.


  • What each of the 4 stages of your cycle are and which projects to work on during each stage to maximize your energy and efficiency
  • How women function/interact with time differently than men... and how to use it to your advantage
  • What you can do even if you don't currently have a menstrual cycle or regular cycle


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The latest reviews from our loyal listeners:


Clear & effective communication!

Great podcast from Monica Little! She talks about the power of integrity, changing your mind-set to get stuff done and being accountable (both personally & professionally). The podcast is geared towards small business owners, but really so much of what Monica explains can be applied to various parts of anyone's life. She articulates so accurately many of the thoughts I have about the challenges of being a small business owner. It's reassuring & comforting to hear Monica break it all down in a comprehensive way in order to overcome the struggles. My favorite take-aways were how she explained that believing in yourself = FREEDOM and "how you do one thing is how you do everything".

- Anneliese via Apple Podcasts


Very inspirational!! Highly recommend

Listing to Monica’s podcasts have been crucial to helping my business grow. Saving me from endless circles of the creative mind, great tips and tricks to make things more efficient. If you own your own product business, I highly recommend joining her program as well as listening to all her podcasts!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻Way to go Monica !! ❤️

- Daisy via Apple Podcasts


I’m Learning So Much!

I love listening to Monica’s podcast as a handmade small business owner! She offers so many tangible tips within her episodes that have helped me to believe in and grow my small business. Episode 2 was very helpful as she discusses the power of integrity and using a habit tracker. I loved this concept and will begin to use one. I can relate to so many of the stories she tells about running her own handmade business. Thank you Monica for all of these episodes! I cannot wait to listen to more.

- Kelley via Apple Podcasts


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