EP 32: How to face your fears by reprogramming your subconscious with Diana Sophia

Dec 28, 2022
How to face your fears by reprogramming your subconscious with Diana Sophia

Running a small business is the world's greatest personal development course. It will stretch you in new ways, require you to work on weaknesses and turn them into strengths, force you to face your fears and learn new skills. It's not for the faint of heart.

But what if there was an easier way to face our fears to keep growing our business? What if we could understand what stops us from making progress, and look it in the eye and learn HOW to overcome it? If you feel stuck in your business, then this episode is for you - we will be diving into what may be blocking you... beneath the surface, at the subconscious level.

Diana Sofia
 is a corporate dropout turned Health Coach turned Subconscious Reprogramming Coach.

While working with clients on their nutrition and lifestyle habits, she realized that it wasn’t the external strategies that created lasting results... but rather creating shifts at the subconscious level to change BELIEFS that in turn change ACTIONS and lead to long-term results.

After seeing the transformations that were possible for her clients through the use of subconscious reprogramming, she decided to dedicate her time and expertise to help business owners uncover and release the subconscious blocks stopping them from achieving their life, business, and career goals... so you can step into your own power and become truly unstoppable.


  • What the subconscious mind is and why it is so important to achieve your dreams
  • How subconscious reprogramming can help you accomplish your goals
  • How to identify limiting beliefs that are holding you back
  • How to use tools like EFT tapping, hypnosis, and more to step into your power and become unstoppable


Follow Diana on Instagram: @iamdianasophia
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EFT mini-training for procrastination: https://www.dianasofia.com/stopprocrastination



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Clear & effective communication!

Great podcast from Monica Little! She talks about the power of integrity, changing your mind-set to get stuff done and being accountable (both personally & professionally). The podcast is geared towards small business owners, but really so much of what Monica explains can be applied to various parts of anyone's life. She articulates so accurately many of the thoughts I have about the challenges of being a small business owner. It's reassuring & comforting to hear Monica break it all down in a comprehensive way in order to overcome the struggles. My favorite take-aways were how she explained that believing in yourself = FREEDOM and "how you do one thing is how you do everything".

- Anneliese via Apple Podcasts


Very inspirational!! Highly recommend

Listing to Monica’s podcasts have been crucial to helping my business grow. Saving me from endless circles of the creative mind, great tips and tricks to make things more efficient. If you own your own product business, I highly recommend joining her program as well as listening to all her podcasts!! ðŸ™ŒðŸ»ðŸ™ŒðŸ»ðŸ™ŒðŸ»ðŸ™ŒðŸ»Way to go Monica !! ❤️

- Daisy via Apple Podcasts


I’m Learning So Much!

I love listening to Monica’s podcast as a handmade small business owner! She offers so many tangible tips within her episodes that have helped me to believe in and grow my small business. Episode 2 was very helpful as she discusses the power of integrity and using a habit tracker. I loved this concept and will begin to use one. I can relate to so many of the stories she tells about running her own handmade business. Thank you Monica for all of these episodes! I cannot wait to listen to more.

- Kelley via Apple Podcasts


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