EP 89: What's the true reason why you are running your business?

Feb 07, 2024
What's the true reason why you are running your business?

Here’s one of the biggest mistakes that small business owners make.

When thinking about the reason WHY they want to grow their business…

Why they are spending hours on Instagram each week, spending thousands of dollars on suppliers, spending all week long making product, spending EVERY weekend at markets, spending time away from family/kids/loved ones to try and make it work…

When asking “what is it all for?”

Most small businesses list all of the things they would buy, experience, or get when they become successful. The new car, new house, Disney vacation, Mexico vacation, get out of debt, and more.

Or they think of all the people they want to prove wrong when they become successful. The husband, the mom, the friends, the people who doubted them.

I hate to break it to you… but money (and validation from others) is one of the worst motivators out there.

We THINK that reaching our MONEY goals and the potential new car will motivate us to wake up 2 hours early to get the things down that we DIDN’T get to yesterday in order to give our business the dedication it needs to grow… yet we hit the snooze button and let our to-do list grow longer and longer each day.

We THINK that reaching our money goals and the potential vacation will encourage us to work efficiently when our kids are at school to make the most of every second so we get closer to that goal… yet we spend so much time aimlessly picking up our phone and scrolling social media and we just can’t seem to break the bait.

We THINK that aiming toward our money goal and the potential debt payments will motivate us to do what is required, to be committed, to be dedicated to our business… yet we do the same thing over and over, wondering why nothing has changed.

That’s because money is NOT a great motivator.

That doesn’t mean we SHOULDN’T have tangible money goals. It simply means that there’s ANOTHER part to the equation.

And when you understand the second part of the equation, it’ll give you the drive and purpose and WHY behind your business to change how you show up, which changes the results that you see, which coincidentally gets you closer to that monetary goal.

During this week’s episode of The Product Biz Podcast, I walk you through an exclusive exercise that I shared with my Product Biz Academy members during our 2024 PBA kickoff call.

This exercise that YOU have access to led my members to say:

“I've had a personal breakthrough. For the first time EVER I am ALLOWING myself to feel like this business is truly mine and ALLOWING myself to open up and bring this one to my heart. I have had 3 other businesses and never ever felt like I do right now about this one.” – Andria

“This exercise made me dig deeper and actually made me start to cry. It created such a powerful connection. It further solidified that it’s not just a skincare product or skincare company that’s just making things for profit. I am actually helping people make healthier choices in their healing journey. Very powerful moment.” – Daisy B.

“It feels like my business has a purpose and it’s not just a hobby anymore.” – Daisy C.

Now it’s your turn to experience the same, so you can show up in a new way for your business to reach ALL of the dreams you have with a PURPOSE that drives you forward.

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Clear & effective communication!

Great podcast from Monica Little! She talks about the power of integrity, changing your mind-set to get stuff done and being accountable (both personally & professionally). The podcast is geared towards small business owners, but really so much of what Monica explains can be applied to various parts of anyone's life. She articulates so accurately many of the thoughts I have about the challenges of being a small business owner. It's reassuring & comforting to hear Monica break it all down in a comprehensive way in order to overcome the struggles. My favorite take-aways were how she explained that believing in yourself = FREEDOM and "how you do one thing is how you do everything".

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Very inspirational!! Highly recommend

Listing to Monica’s podcasts have been crucial to helping my business grow. Saving me from endless circles of the creative mind, great tips and tricks to make things more efficient. If you own your own product business, I highly recommend joining her program as well as listening to all her podcasts!! πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ™ŒπŸ»Way to go Monica !! ❀️

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I’m Learning So Much!

I love listening to Monica’s podcast as a handmade small business owner! She offers so many tangible tips within her episodes that have helped me to believe in and grow my small business. Episode 2 was very helpful as she discusses the power of integrity and using a habit tracker. I loved this concept and will begin to use one. I can relate to so many of the stories she tells about running her own handmade business. Thank you Monica for all of these episodes! I cannot wait to listen to more.

- Kelley via Apple Podcasts


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