Faire masterclass

Faire is a wholesale marketplace that connects product based small businesses to independent boutiques - and it's one of the best ways to create more passive income and consistent sales for your business by getting in front of retailers who are actively searching for products to buy for their retail locations.

In the last 12 months, I've sold over $25,000 on Faire (with little to no effort after optimizing it) so this is a GREAT tool to have part of your business strategy that does the marketing for you - and during this masterclass I'll be sharing how to optimize your listings and make the most of selling your products on Faire.

In this Faire masterclass you'll learn:

  • Why Faire is an important part of your business and the best way to use Faire as small business owners
  • How to optimize your listings to get your products in front of more buyers and the right buyers for more new orders
  • How to get more reorders from existing retailers (including marketing tips & tricks)
  • How to strategically play the game and have a kick ass Faire Summer/Winter Market when most retailers are buying!
  • Q&A to answer any of your questions

This masterclass is for you if are any of the following:

  1. If you haven't launched your Faire site just yet and want to make sure you are doing it "right" to make the most of the platform
  2. If you're on Faire but have minimal activity and aren't generating a lot of sales
  3. If you've been on Faire for a while and used to have more consistent sales but it's dropped recently
  4. If you want to keep growing and scaling your Faire wholesale orders for more consistent sales and passive income!

After enrolling, you'll receive instant access to the masterclass!

$199.00 USD