If you don’t know how to continuously get in front of new customers…

How do you expect your business to grow?





with a step-by-step program created by a multiple six-figure small business owner that reveals how YOU, too, can STAND out and SELL out on Etsy!

Unlock YOUR success on Etsy with

Etsy Algorithm Secrets

Inside Etsy Algorithm Secrets, you learn exactly how to STAND OUT and SELL OUT on Etsy so you can consistently get in front of new, loyal customers that LOVE your unique products!

When you enroll, you get instant access to a step-by-step program with 6 main modules and an unbelievable bonus that become your competitive advantage, putting you light years ahead of everyone else, and shows you:

‚Äʬ†How to¬†stand out¬†and¬†sell out on Etsy¬†to turn your small business into a¬†consistently profitable business¬†without¬†stressing or obsessing

‚Äʬ†How to create¬†high converting Etsy listings¬†so you can sell MORE¬†without¬†having¬†to lower your prices or¬†compete against others

‚Äʬ†What today's top Etsy sellers are doing¬†differently¬†to¬†stand out in saturated¬†markets¬†for more attention AND more sales

‚Äʬ†How to actually¬†scale¬†your Etsy shop to consistently get in front of¬†new,¬†loyal¬†customers that LOVE¬†your unique products

So you can finally STAND out and SELL out on Etsy!

Now you might be wondering...

Let me show you what's waiting inside Etsy Algorithm Secrets once you become a member...


Uncovering YOUR successful start on Etsy

Inside Module #1, you'll discover:


‚ÄĘ Why¬†Etsy is a required¬†part of running a successful¬†small business...¬†and the mindset business owners need¬†so that you can¬†make the MOST¬†of Etsy

‚ÄĘ A breakdown of Etsy fees so there's nothing hidden from you and you can¬†price your products RIGHT!

‚Äʬ†Understanding¬†the average Etsy customer so you know how to connect with them with your unique products

‚ÄĘ How to easily create your Etsy seller account and how to use the¬†Etsy Shop Manager platform & Sell on Etsy app¬†so you know exactly how to manage your shop, reply to customer messages &¬†fulfill/ship orders right from the start!

See what types of results NEW Etsy shop owners are ALREADY seeing inside the program!

Jackeline originally thought Etsy was too saturated for another candle business like hers... but after joining Etsy Algorithm Secrets, she INSTANTLY got her first sale just 2 days after opening her brand NEW Etsy shop!

Katie didn't think Etsy would work for her, so she was only selling through her website... but when she launched her natural soap Etsy shop using Etsy Algorithm Secrets, she INSTANTLY saw her first order from a NEW Etsy customer within 36 hours! 


The secret to APPEAR in the search results & ATTRACT the Etsy shopper's attention

Inside Module #2, you'll discover:

‚ÄĘ How to EASILY find the words your customers are ACTUALLY searching for, to find SPECIFIC titles, tags and keywords that WORK, so your unique products show up on the FIRST search results page for the RIGHT Etsy shoppers¬†

‚Äʬ†The hidden TRUTH about how to use each of the¬†8¬†unique marketing levers Etsy has to offer in the RIGHT way so that your listings STAND OUT on the search results page compared to your competitors

‚Äʬ†The exact steps to take so you¬†go from thinking "Etsy is too¬†saturated"... to actually¬†getting sales for YOUR unique products!

Here's how my members are able to reach MORE customers from what they learn...

Which one of these testimonials inspires you the MOST?

Sara is a mom of 3 kids (including a newborn!) and she was able to EASILY reach her 100th Etsy order with her jewelry business by applying what she learned from Etsy Algorithm Secrets!

Angie works full time and joined Etsy Algorithm Secrets to learn how to get the warm market that Etsy creates to see her greeting cards, instead of sending her own audience to Etsy... and she was able to sell to 5 brand new Etsy customers that found HER on Etsy, just 2 weeks into the course!


How to CONFIRM the customer's expectations to turn Etsy shoppers into CUSTOMERS

Inside Module #3, you'll discover:

‚ÄĘ The quickest way to create your product listings with the 7 REQUIRED pieces of information that Etsy shoppers need so there are NO questions left unanswered and Etsy shoppers buy from you at first sight of your products!

‚ÄĘ The secret to what customers are REALLY looking for in your photos to feel confident to buy from you ‚Äď and the EXACT 10 photos you need in your listings to CONFIRM their expectations to get the sale!

‚ÄĘ The truth behind how¬†to turn "favorites" into actual SALES!


How to CONFIRM the customer's 


to turn Etsy shoppers into CUSTOMERS!

Inside Module #3, you'll discover:

‚ÄĘ The¬†quickest¬†way to create your product listings with the¬†7 REQUIRED¬†pieces of information that Etsy shoppers need¬†so there are NO questions left unanswered and¬†Etsy shoppers buy from you at first sight of your products!

‚ÄĘ The¬†secret¬†to what customers are REALLY looking for in your photos to feel confident to buy from you ‚Ästand the EXACT 10 photos you need in your listings to CONFIRM their expectations to get the sale!

‚ÄĘ The truth behind how¬†to turn "favorites" into actual SALES!

That's why my members see results even in the most saturated Etsy markets!

Which of these results would YOU like to see for your business?

Daisy is the owner of a skincare business, one of the most saturated categories on Etsy. She stopped selling at in-person markets and used Etsy Algorithm Secrets to grow her online business in addition to having her own established website... and now has $1,000 days and $1,500 weekends while on vacation, and mostly from Etsy!

Rose is a personal trainer with a dessert soap business that joined Etsy Algorithm Secrets to make growing her existing Etsy shop easier on her. With what she learned, she was able to make $744.15 in sales in ONE week PLUS she's almost reached 1,000 orders on Etsy! 


The hidden secret on how to give TRUST to the Etsy customer AND to the Etsy platform for long term success

Inside Module #4, you'll discover:

‚Äʬ†The easiest way to build credibility through your brand store so customers KNOW you are a¬†business they can trust¬†and are EXCITED to buy from!

‚Äʬ†The secret to creating a 5-star marketing experience so your customers come back for MORE orders for themselves and for¬†holiday gifts, birthday gifts, teacher gifts, anniversary gifts and MORE!

‚Äʬ†The SIMPLE strategy to get CONSISTENT 5-star reviews to build unshakeable trust with Etsy shoppers and with the Etsy platform so your listings continue to show up for NEW shoppers month after month after month

‚ÄĘ How to use the RULE OF THREE to give your customers the confidence they NEED to buy from your Etsy shop

Here's how Etsy Algorithm Secrets has transformed these small businesses!

Hannah is a stay at home mom of 2 that wanted to grow her Etsy business but felt stuck. After joining Etsy Algorithm Secrets, she's now getting orders while on vacation with her family AND new opportunities are coming TO her from being found on Etsy!

Diana is an MRI technologist that was looking for ways to produce consistent sales daily in addition to her own website. After joining Etsy Algorithm Secrets to get in front of more customers, she started to see more and more orders from NEW people come in! 


Grow your sales even further with these BONUS money making strategies

Inside Module #5, you'll discover:

‚Äʬ†A proven process to increase the total $ order amount from Etsy shoppers by offering¬†quantity discounts, variations, mix n match, and MORE to increase the amount of¬†products that customers buy!

‚Äʬ†The fastest way to make your Etsy listings HOLIDAY ready to take advantage of the¬†BUSIEST¬†sales¬†season¬†of the year on Etsy AND how to use Etsy to easily ship your products to worldwide customers to become an International business!¬†

‚ÄĘ The simple strategy to get Etsy shoppers and Etsy customers onto your email list and over to your Instagram to keep building the relationship even further for long term, loyal customers!¬†

‚Äʬ†The single most important way to determine¬†which products¬†are READY for Etsy ads so you reach¬†even MORE customers! ¬†

But don't just take my word for it! Here's what other small business owners like you had to say about Etsy Algorithm Secrets:

Angie is the owner of a greeting card business and felt stuck & unsure of how to play the Etsy game to get more views & sales... until she joined Etsy Algorithm Secrets! Now she is getting consistent sales EACH week on Etsy and has shipped to 15 different states! 

Daisy was looking for ways to create more pasive income with her eco-friendly skincare business. After applying what she learned in Etsy Algorithm Secrets, she made $3,000 in 4 days with most of the orders coming DIRECTLY from Etsy! This is exactly how Etsy fits into your overall business strategy to get in front of as many people as possible.


The secret to getting (and keeping) Etsy Star Seller to stand out even more

Inside Module #6, you'll discover:

‚ÄĘ An EASY breakdown of what Etsy Star Seller even is, so you know why it matters for your customers AND your Etsy shop!

‚Äʬ†The hidden truth behind how to automate and influence the Star Seller metrics so the high standards of Etsy¬†are¬†easy as pie!¬†

‚ÄĘ A proven process to easily get - and keep! - Etsy Star Seller with 9 EASY hacks so you stand out on the search results even more and impact the algorithm even further!¬†

Once you know how to get Star Seller from the top tips you learn inside Etsy Algorithm Secrets, here's how simple it can be:

Most small business owners have a hard time getting Star Seller on Etsy due to the high standards... but you'll learn how to automate certain components and influence other components so you can easily get Star Seller for the first time, like Lindsay was able to!

Not only will you learn how to get Star Seller... but you'll also learn how to easily KEEP Star Seller for months to follow! Sara got Star Seller for a 3rd month in a row from what she learned inside Etsy Algorithm Secrets!

Here's what my members have to say about Etsy Algorithm Secrets first hand:


Now, you might be wondering "This sound JUST like what I need! How much is my investment?"

Etsy Algorithm Secrets is an investment that will show you how to stand out AND sell out on Etsy.

It's not some free random blog post that gives you the definition of "Etsy tags" and leaves you feeling stuck, overwhelmed, frustrated and at a dead end.

It's an investment in yourself and your business that allows you to sell your products online on Etsy starting TODAY... and up from there throughout the rest of this year, next year, and on... creating a future where you have money coming in to your business that you can count on.

Not to mention, this is the exact Etsy framework that I teach and share in my $2,997 Product Biz Academy coaching program... but at a fraction of the investment, just for you.

When you weigh the investment compared to the new customers you'll get that will give you the freedom to continue to build your business... then it's an easy choice.

Etsy Algorithm Secrets is usually just $997...

But for a limited time only, you can join us inside Etsy Algorithm Secrets for just $397!


Just $397 today!


When you enroll, you'll ALSO get an additional BONUS worth $197... for free! 

The 6 main modules of Etsy Algorithm Secrets will show you exactly how to stand out and sell out on Etsy...

And when you join Etsy Algorithm Secrets, you get an amazing BONUS to make your progress easier. 

But wait, there's more!

When you enroll, you'll also get $994 worth of additional 


for FREE!


The 5 main modules of Etsy Algorithm Secrets will show you exactly how to stand out on Etsy to get in front of continuous new, loyal customers that love your unique products... But that's just the beginning.

When you join Etsy Algorithm Secrets, you get 2 amazing BONUSES to make your progress faster and your success easier.

Starting with....

BONUS #1 ($197)

Personalized Etsy Audit to dive into YOUR Etsy shop

You might be wondering "But what if I need support specifically with MY Etsy shop?" and I want to reassure you that I'm here to help you make your Etsy shop as successful as possible.

Thats why when you enroll you get a personalized Etsy Audit after you've completed the course, where you'll get a video with personalized feedback above & beyond, specific to YOUR Etsy shop, so you can confidently get as much exposure and SALES as possible with your products!

THAT'S RIGHT! Let's do a quick recap!  

‚ústWhen you join Etsy Algorithm Secrets, you get instant access to 6¬†training modules¬†that show you¬†exactly¬†how to stand out AND sell out on Etsy¬†(Value: $997)

‚ústPLUS you get a personalized Etsy Audit¬†where you'll receive¬†specific feedback on¬†your Etsy shop¬†(Value: $197)¬†

‚ústDid I¬†mention that you also have LIFETIME access to ALL new and updated content inside Etsy Algorithm Secrets?¬†I¬†know, it's almost too good to be true! (Value: priceless)


($1,194 to be exact) 


So now it's time for you to make one of two choices... 

The first choice is to do nothing... and hope that you eventually figure it out. To keep reading random blog posts, exhausting every free resource you can find, knowing that there's more you can do but feeling stuck in this forever limbo.

But if you already know that you want to get your products in front of more people, then the second choice is the obvious choice: join us inside Etsy Algorithm Secrets so you can learn how to stand out on Etsy to get in front of continuous new, loyal customers that love your unique products...that get you BACK to feeling motivated about your business.

Simply click the button below and I will be waiting for you on the inside.

But choose quickly!

Because the enrollment period won't be open forever.

Enrollment into Etsy Algorithm Secrets at this discounted price is only available for a few short days! After that the price will more than double and go back to the original amount.

Don't miss out on the chance to learn how to get in front of new customers with the warm audience that Etsy has to offer.

You CAN do it. 

And I will be there to help.

So don't waste another day, week, month thinking about what could be... Join me now inside Etsy Algorithm Secrets and make it happen.

So... what will it be?


FAQ's about Etsy Algorithm Secrets

Have a question you need answered before enrolling in Etsy Algorithm Secrets? Here's a list of the most common questions and their answers. If you have any other questions, reach out to my team at support@monicalittlecoaching.com so we can get back to you ASAP!

1. What makes the members of Etsy Algorithm Secrets and their testimonials so successful? 

Etsy Algorithm Secrets was specifically created for small business owners who want to get their products in front of as many people as possible to keep growing their business. Inside Etsy Algorithm Secrets, I give you the proven, step by step process to beat the Etsy algorithm so your products can stand out AND sell out on Etsy. The members of Etsy Algorithm Secrets are so successful because the marketing and sales tactics I share with you are unique and proven to work - not only from implementing with my own Etsy shop that now has over 5,000 orders and almost $100,000 in sales, but it's also been proven to work from my members seeing incredible results themselves! The proof is in the pudding!

2. Who is this program for - handmade product sellers, Print on Demand sellers, printable/digital product sellers?

What you learn inside Etsy Algorithm Secrets will help you no matter what type of product you sell, because Etsy Algorithm Secrets gives you the marketing knowledge for your products to stand out so you make more sales on Etsy. And the truth is, the marketing principles that you will learn are universal, meaning they work no matter if you sell handmade products, Print on Demand products, or digital products!

Plus, when you enroll in Etsy Algorithm Secrets, you'll have access to mini-modules about how to connect your Print on Demand shop to your Etsy site, how to set up your digital products for easy downloads when people purchase your printable/digital product, and how to ship your products if you're selling handmade physical products. Etsy Algorithm Secrets is the one-stop-shop for ALL Etsy shops.

3. Who is this program for - is this program the right fit for someone who DOESN'T have their product figured out yet? Or someone who has a product line and their own website, but is brand new to Etsy? Or someone who's been on Etsy for a while without any luck? Or someone who's been on Etsy and has made some progress, but wants to continue to grow? Basically - is this program right for me?!

That's a loaded question! So here's a loaded answer. Find which category you relate to in order to see your answer:

If you don't have a product figured out yet - meaning you don't know what you will sell - Etsy Algorithm Secrets does NOT dive into figuring out what type of products you should sell. But if you're here right now... you already have a dream. You already have a vision. You just need to claim it and bring that vision to life. If you CLAIM your vision and dream and also enroll in Etsy Algorithm Secrets to learn how to get your shop set up and apply the marketing & sales knowledge... then you will stand out and build a money making machine on Etsy. This program is 100% for you, as long as you are ready to claim that vision of yours!

If you have an established product line and your own website, but are brand new to Etsy - Etsy Algorithm Secrets helps new Etsy shop owners quickly get set up to get sales... and then gives you the marketing expertise to stand out and build a money making machine. If you are brand new to Etsy, it’s important to start on the right foot with an exact plan rather than spending your hard earned time and energy trying to figure it out on your own. This program is 100% for you!

If you have been on Etsy for a while without any luck - If you're feeling stuck on Etsy, then chances are you're missing some key, critical marketing & sales components that would completely shift the success of your Etsy shop. Etsy Algorithm Secrets gives you the marketing expertise to stand out and build a money making machine, which gives existing Etsy shop owners the traction that they've been missing. This program is 100% for you!

If you have been on Etsy with some progress, but want to continue to grow - There is always room to grow and scale your Etsy shop. And the only way to do that, is to continue to master and evolve your marketing and selling strategy. I guarantee you will learn NEW tips, tricks, and ways to stand out on Etsy from what you learn in Etsy Algorithm Secrets, which will take your success to an entirely new level. Unless you believe that you've mastered it all and there's absolutely nothing left for you to do and no room to grow (which if that was the case, you wouldn't be here!) then this program is 100% for you!

Etsy Algorithm Secrets is for any small business owner that wants to grow their business online. It contains the FULL A to Z plan on how to start, grow and scale your Etsy shop - from beginning (shop setup), to intermediate (marketing tactics to stand out), to advanced (scalable selling tactics to grow even further), so you will get value no matter where you currently are at. 

4. I feel like my products aren't "ready" or "professional enough" for Etsy just yet. Will this program still help? 

I get it - I struggled with this, too, when I first started my business. But the truth is, it's not a matter of feeling ready…it’s a matter of CHOOSING you are ready. You belong on Etsy because you choose to be there. It’s your choice, not anyone else's. You don't need external validation for your products, how professional they are or how far along your business is... YOU get to choose what playing field you are on. And I hope you choose to make bold moves, even when you don't feel 100% ready - because that's where real growth and progress come from. Trust me when I say this: "I waited until the PERFECT moment when I felt COMPLETELY ready and all the stars ALIGNED" - said no successful small business owner ever. You, my friend, are ready now... and don't let yourself talk you out of it! 

5. If I don't have a big Instagram following, will Etsy Algorithm Secrets still help me? 

The truth is, a small following isn't a problem! The end goal is to always have Etsy bringing customers to you, instead of relying on your own effort. And that's what you will learn inside Etsy Algorithm Secrets!

6. I have my own website, so shouldn't I be directing people to my own website instead of Etsy? 

You're right! People in your world (your email list, your Instagram followers, the marketing material that you hand out at markets) should be directed to your own website.

But ‚Äď do you currently have 80 million shoppers going to your website each year from your Instagram page and email list? If not‚Ķ wouldn‚Äôt you want Etsy‚Äôs 80 million shoppers¬†to have the potential to find you¬†on Etsy to buy from you?¬†

The goal of Etsy is to have their audience find you so your business grows even further. 

Then, those new Etsy customers can follow you on Instagram... buy from you directly... become obsessed with your products... but without Etsy, they might never find you even to begin with. 

This is how Etsy fits into the bigger picture of your business growth and why it's a required part of every small business that is committed to getting their products in front of as many people as possible... even if you have your own website. 

7. Isn't Etsy just saturated with so many other small business owners selling items similar to mine? Will this really work? 

The truth is… You’re right. Etsy is saturated. But it’s not what you think. Etsy is saturated with small business owners that I like to call dabblers…

The ones who lists their products, don't see sales right away, so they give up on their shop, never make any changes or end up seeing any progress with Etsy because they really didn’t try, they just dabbled in it…

Maybe they get a few sales now and then but they end up sitting there wondering why Etsy just isn’t working out for them.

But on the other side… Etsy is NOT saturated with dedicated small business owners who are willing and committed to get it right. The ones that are investing the time, energy, or resources to figure it out the right way. And these are the small business owners who do see massive results on Etsy!

Because the truth is, it's not a matter of how saturated the market is... it's a matter of how committed you are willing to be.

And trust me - no one has ever said "learning how to optimize Etsy to get more sales for my small business was the biggest mistake I ever made!" 

8. I've been on Etsy and I've already tried what feels like everything to grow my Etsy shop using keywords, titles and tags, with NO luck... what makes this program different?

If you feel like you've tried everything on Etsy with no luck, I'm willing to bet that you've heard bits and pieces of Etsy advice from maker friends that you've met at markets, or blog posts you've dived into when searching for random help on Google, or friends you've randomly asked "how would you search for this on Etsy?!"... Some random ideas from this person, some random advice from that Google search result, that you tried to piece together...

But piecing it together on your own probably led to a dead end that left you feeling stuck... otherwise you wouldn't be here.

With Etsy Algorithm Secrets, I give you the exact steps to stand out on Etsy to get in front of new, local customers that will love your unique products. I've went through trial and error and research so you don't have to... and I've verified these steps actually work from my clients who are seeing amazing results themselves, too!

You're going to learn things you didn't know that you needed to learn. I've figured out what truly works - with a unique approach that most small business owners aren't using on Etsy - and I'm sharing the entire puzzle here with you. And that's exactly why you need to join.

9. Can't I just figure this all out myself? 

Absolutely. That's what I did. But it took me 3 years, plus 8 years of corporate marketing experience, plus 4 years of a business degree that helped me, and I made a ton of mistakes along the way to figure it all out (and those mistakes cost both time and money).

Trust me. I’ve been there! So why stumble around in the dark when someone can give you the light? Why make mistake after mistake that could cost you so much time and lost sales when you can get a shortcut that helps you get in front of new customers?

10. I'm overwhelmed with the tech side and how much time it will take to create listings or look up keywords... Do I need to be tech-savvy in order to make this work? 

Whenever tech is involved, I will give you step by step instructions inside Etsy Algorithm Secrets so you can easily get it done, in no time! 

Etsy Algorithm Secrets is the antidote to overwhelm. It’s designed to walk you through building your Etsy shop step by step so you don't have the hassle or stress of trying to figure it out yourself from the ground up.

11. I work full/part time or I have kids/homeschool - how much time will it take to optimize my Etsy shop? 

If you're sitting here thinking "I don't have the time", that means you need this program more than anyone. It's not a reason why not to join - that's the reason why you should join!

If you don't have the time and you feel overwhelmed, it's probably because you are so busy trying to figure out how to do things on your own.

But if you knew exactly how to build your Etsy shop... you would have more time, right? And you'd feel less overwhelmed, wouldn't you?

So that fact that you don't have the time means you haven't built your Etsy shop in the way that I'm going to show you inside Etsy Algorithm Secrets.

Wouldn't it be much easier, less time consuming and less overwhelming if you had a simple plan to follow with step by step instructions?

So if you say "I don't have the time" that means you need this program more than anyone... so you can get your time back!

12. What can I expect once I enroll in Etsy Algorithm Secrets? 

Once you enroll in Etsy Algorithm Secrets, you’ll get instant access to all of the content (modules, videos, instructions, worksheets) through your own username and password to log in to our training portal. That means, you can start watching the videos with step by step instructions and start using the worksheets inside the program right away! 

Plus, you get lifetime access to Etsy Algorithm Secrets - and anytime I have updates, new strategies, and cool tricks to share, you'll get access to those as well (at zero additional cost to you!)

Inside Etsy Algorithm Secrets, you'll also have access to the form to request your personalized Etsy Audit.

13. How long can I expect this course to take? When can I expect results? 

If you give yourself a few hours per day for the next couple of weeks, you’ll be able to go through all of the modules and you’ll walk away with an optimized Etsy shop that actually appears in front of new customers and converts shoppers into buyers!

The information in the Etsy Algorithm Secrets is what I used to grow my Etsy shop to 5,000 orders and almost $100,000 in sales and what my member have used to go from 0 to 400 orders in just a few months or 1,000+ orders in their first year. The results you see are up to the extent you take action with the information you receive inside the program! I covered the hard part and outlined all the step that you need to take. The rest is simple... and it's up to you!

14. How do I use the personalized Etsy Audits? What will I get help on? 

I totally get that every single business is unique and has nuances - which is why I offer a personalized Etsy audit that you can use after you've completed and implemented what you learn inside the course, so you can get personalized feedback above & beyond, specific to YOUR Etsy shop, so you can get as much exposure as possible with your products!

After you complete and implement what you learn in the course, you can request a personalized Etsy Audit by filling out a form inside the program. Then you will receive a video with feedback on where further changes and updates can be made. This personalized Etsy Audit will be sent to you 3-5 business days after your Etsy Audit form is submitted so you get quick feedback. Etsy Audits are structured to help YOU with YOUR Etsy shop above and beyond what is mentioned in the course, so you can get as much exposure as possible with your products!

15. Is there a payment plan? How does it work?  

We do not have a payment plan; you can enroll in Etsy Algorithm Secrets with a one­-time investment of just $397.

16. I really want to join, but I’ve spent so much money on supplies and applying for markets. 

I would never ask anyone to invest in a program if it is truly outside of their means. 

If this program is in your means but you aren’t sure about the investment required, there are 2 ways to think of it: 

When you participate in a market, the booth fee can range from $100-$350 for ONE day of selling. When you invest in Etsy Algorithm Secrets, you learn how to create consistent sales on Etsy starting today AND for the rest of this year, next year, and on. You are simply spending money to learn how to MAKE even MORE money! 

As a reminder, Etsy Algorithm Secrets is not cheap. It's an investment that will show you how to get in front of new customers. It's not some $29 course, or a free random blog post, that gives you the definition of "Etsy tags" and leaves you feeling stuck, overwhelmed, frustrated and at a dead end. 

It's an investment in yourself and your business that allows you to stand out on Etsy to get in front of new, loyal customers that love your products. 

When you weigh the investment compared to the new customers you'll get in front of... then it's an easy choice. 

17. Is there any support available if I have questions or get stuck? 

This is a self-paced, independent study course and it was designed specifically to give you all the information you need to build a successful Etsy shop. So you have everything that you need within this course! Plus, the Personalized Etsy Audit will give you any additional clarity that you may need!

18. Will Etsy Algorithm Secrets be offered again? I don't feel like now is the right time for me and my business.  

Let me ask you this… if now is not the right time, well, when is the right time? When will you know it's the right time? How long have you been putting your business off to the side and using "now isn't the time" as the reason? How much longer are you willing to put it off? 

You will never feel ‚Äúready‚ÄĚ to make a big step in your business, no matter what it is. There‚Äôs no such thing as ‚Äúready‚ÄĚ when you‚Äôre a small business owner.¬†But when you get clear on something you want and you get committed to making it happen, you MAKE the time and you DECIDE that you are ready.¬†

And that's the choice you're going to have to make right now... are you going to continue putting your business to the side until someday oneday (which may never come) or are you going to MAKE it happen. Because if not now… when? 

19. I want to enroll, but I have some specific questions about the program. Who can I reach out to? 

I'm¬†here to help you make the decision if this is a good fit for you and your business! Email us¬†at [email protected] and I¬†can answer any and all of your questions via email or we can schedule a 30 minute call to talk in more detail!¬†

Learn more about your Etsy coach!  

Monica is the owner of Plant Based Beauty and grew her Etsy shop to over 5,000 orders and almost $100,000 in sales in one of the most saturated Etsy categories by leveraging her 8 years of corporate e-commerce marketing experience and implementing a unique, customer-focused approach on Etsy to stand out and get in front of more customers.

Monica created Etsy Algorithm Secrets and Product Biz Academy to teach product based small business owners like you how to build, market and grow their businesses to new levels.

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